Our Team/Partners


JOYCE IN - Lead Sound Engineer, Chief Show Manager at The Burren

When she's not touring the country mixing Celtic artists like Altan, Sharon Shannon or The Friel Sisters, Joyce holds down the fort for most of our Burren Backroom Series shows.  Nominated for multiple times for Best Live Sound Engineer (Boston Music Awards) our regular bands are always psyched to see Joyce behind the board and our new acts are never disappointed.

CHRIS D'ENTREMONT - Room/Door and Band Hospitality/Show Manager at The Burren

A super fan of music and good people, once Chris has welcomed our artists with some green room snacks and a proper pint, he turns his attention to being the welcoming face at the door.  Chris will always find you a great seat!  Side note, if you want to see our Dancing Doorman in action, swing by on a Second Sunday Night when Diamond Blues hits the stage!

ZION RODMAN - Sound Engineer

Native to Massachusetts and a spectacular singer/songwriter, Zion just moved back to town from Chicago.  It makes sense to give the talented locals a place to hang for sure!  Zion has played The Burren Backroom Series many times and is currently the Sunday evening Sound Engineer while also picking up other days here and there.  See Zion's music profile HERE.

KRISTEN DALEY - Sound Engineer

Fresh out of NYU, Kristen is the newest member of the sound team.  Through the Burren Backroom Series she's already been picked up by local bands to travel with them from room to room and Kristen is also an artist as well.  You can find her music on Spotify HERE.

NICHO SANTOS - Hospitality/Stage Tech

Nicho is a go-getter.  Most of his schedule is filled with attending and performing at The Berklee School Of Music, but just like any ambitious young talent, he likes to keep busy when possible working door shifts at The Burren Backroom Series.  WEBSITE

DANIELA TERESA MINIDIS - Hospitality/Stage Tech

Daniela is a dual-citizen, Italian-American currently living in the Boston area. She will always be sure to greet you at the door and maybe even engage in a long conversation about music. While not working at the Burren, she studies writing, film & media arts at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Daniela plays the repinique drum with Grooversity Boston, drum set with multiple local bands, and often on the Burren Backroom stage.

SAWYER T. LAWSON - Sound Engineer

Although Sawyer doesn't take many shifts these days he's still on call from time to time and helped lay the foundational bricks that built 24 Hour Music's involvement at The Burren Backroom Series.  Sawyer is known not only as an audio engineer, but also as a musician, rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer.  He has also released the album "Gemini" available on multiple streaming platforms, including SPOTIFY.

TOM BIANCHI - CEO 24 Hour Music - All Hats Needed To Get It Done

Before 24 Hour Music, Tom Bianchi slowly made his reputation well known in Boston music community as a band leader playing residencies in rooms including The Middle East Corner, The Burren, and as a Street Performer.  Park St. Station was Tom's most popular haunt, as well as Quincy Marketplace, and there isn't a publication in town from College Journals to The Boston Globe that didn't take notice.  Boston Magazine called him, "The Very Edgy Tom Bianchi". The Boston Globe called him, "Captivating", and the once revered Boston Phoenix even made up a Best Boston category for his casual witty banter style of songs and humor in the subways, "Best Entertainment For A Buck".

A buck you ask?  Yup.  That's how long it's been since the heyday of Tom's Street Performing career.  Some years later while holding residency on Sunday nights at The Burren Backroom and mixing Brian O'Donovan's Celtic Sojourn Pub Series a relationship was born between The Burren and 24 Hour Music that continues to bring more live music to one room than any venue in town.




Tommy McCarthy and Lousie Costello have created one of the best pub spaces in the world to curate live local music.  7 nights a week the Burren’s Front Room Sessions include Irish and Americana musicians casually sitting around the tables swapping songs and stories and the Burren Backroom hosts literally thousands of artists and bands throughout the Burren’s nearly three decades in Davis Square.  The Burren Backroom Series has become a premiere music addition to the Boston music community.


There is no one other than Lindsay O’Donovan who can head up The Brian O’Donovan Legacy Series at The Burren.  The loss of Brian in our music community is of course unmeasurable and keeping The Brian O’Donovan Legacy Series going will be no small task, but Lindsay is excited to keep bringing the very best Celtic music to our local stages.  Lindsay also organizes the annual Friday Café Benefit Show the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving and will continue to EmCee Celtic shows at The Burren just like Brian has done so many times, making all friends and fans feel welcome.


SHK is Frank Sullivan, Jim Haggerty and Steve Kitay. They have been arranging events featuring greater Boston’s finest musicians at Boston Harbor Distillery in Dorchester since 2021 and as of September 2023, also at Warehouse XI in Union Square, Somerville.